Thursday, January 6, 2011

Counting Crows

I heard on a local NPR show today that crows gather around and injured or dying crow that is part of their group and just wait with the crow until it dies. Some people have also witnessed crow funerals.

This is very cool.

I am going to start watching the crows in the yard. I will be the pleasantly eccentric (i.e. weird and geeky) woman who looks up from her work occasionally to peer out the window with binoculars.

And by the way, here is another picture I took. Not a crow but a bird nonetheless.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Am Not a Blogger

It's true. I am neither disciplined or interesting enough to be a blogger. Besides, pretty much no one reads it. However, every year I have revisited Cookie Supper.

So here is the deal: I'm gonna keep doing this. When I feel like it so I don't feel pressure to post. I may rant about some idiocy happening in the world. I may just post a picture I took that I am proud of. I may just treat my nearly non-existent readership to some stream of consciousness (fear that!).

So here is a picture I took.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sand Zombies

Gotta say life here at Club Orient is pretty awesome. The days have a sort of structure but not much at all. At 8 am folks converge at the Boutique for their morning pastry and whatever else they need for the day, trade in yesterday's beach towels for clean ones and wander back to their units for breakfast.

After breakfast the procession to the beach begins. Lay on your lounger, read, float around in the water, get a fruity drink or two from the Perch beach bar (my favorite is the Bahama Mama).

At 2:25 the line forms at the Perch because at 2:30 the bell rings and happy hour (2 for 1 drinks) begins. After that folks wander back up to their units for naps, more sun, etc.

Somewhere around 4 most folks have wine and cheese on their patios. Then either out for dinner or cook dinner and later wander over to Papagayo (the on-site restaurant) for dessert, drinks and dancing and back home to bed. It's a grueling schedule, I must say.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Being Taken to Dinner or Being Arrested?

I can't decide it it looks like we are being driven to dinner or being arrested in some 1930's time warp. We are actually being driven to dinner in a 1939 Cadillac limousine by our very dapper driver, Malcolm. This was part of our weekend package at White Rocks Inn in Vermont last weekend.

Dinner at the Victorian Inn was amazingly good (but not even close to Weight Watchers friendly). We both had escargots as a starter. Karl had rack of lamb and I had duck - both perfectly cooked. Dessert was creme brulee for Karl and chocolate mousse for me. The chef who owns the restaurant is outstanding, formerly executive chef at the Kennedy Center. I highly recommend having a meal there.